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Robbie LaMattina, a skilled entrepreneur, real estate expert, and philanthropist from Newport Beach, California, is busy channeling his energies into behavioral health care. He serves as the CEO of So Cal Health Care Solutions, which is dedicated to this cause.



Robbie LaMattina embarked on his professional path in behavioral health, immersing himself in positions spanning nonprofit organizations and the private sector. These experiences fueled a profound dedication to aiding individuals in attaining enhanced well-being and prosperity, fueling his continued commitment to this noble cause.

As a seasoned professional in the field, Robbie LaMattina identified a significant gap in care provision in this domain. In response to this deficiency, he established So Cal Health Care  Solutions in 2019 his health care management company. From there he launched his first medical detox program  that was established in Orange County and has subsequently extended its reach to multiple locations. Crucially, the aim was to deliver a superior standard of treatment for those contending with addiction and mental health issues.

Through So Cal Health Care Solutions, Robbie LaMattina, and his team possess the ability to assist clients across the nation. Their primary objective is to aid clients in overcoming drug and alcohol dependencies, facilitating their recovery and progress. Mr. LaMattina’s team comprises experts who comprehend the profound mental health obstacles individuals encounter and the difficulties inherent in surmounting them. Their mission is to offer support and guidance.

Robbie LaMattina is a multifaceted individual. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with a focus on the real estate sector. Possessing a deep understanding of market dynamics and a talent for spotting opportunities, Robbie has carved out a prominent position within the industry. His skill in navigating complex transactions and his strategic approach to property investments have established him as a distinguished figure known for his excellence. From single family residential properties to multi-family properties, Robbie’s diverse portfolio reflects his versatility and proficiency in optimizing returns while minimizing risks. His dedication to delivering outstanding outcomes for his clients and partners has cemented his reputation as a trusted advisor in real estate. Whether acquiring properties, managing assets, or leading development initiatives, Robbie LaMattina plays a significant role in shaping the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Thanks to his diligent efforts, Robbie LaMattina has earned recognition for his inventive strategies and astute foresight. Driven by a hunger for pinpointing emerging market patterns and a relentless pursuit of achievement, Robbie has crafted a vibrant path in entrepreneurship. Whether launching startups or expanding enterprises across various sectors, he has showcased an extraordinary talent for transforming concepts into flourishing enterprises.

Robbie LaMattina remains deeply involved in philanthropic pursuits outside his professional commitments. Throughout his career, Robbie has remained steadfastly committed to enabling the advancement of others in various capacities. Whether assisting individuals in overcoming behavioral health challenges or guiding aspiring business professionals, Robbie’s dedication has consistently revolved around fostering community growth and empowering individuals to achieve their utmost potential. Over time, Robbie has actively collaborated with numerous nonprofit initiatives, contributing to endeavors such as constructing water wells, restoring churches, and providing essential resources to those facing adversity.

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